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Bo Lee

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Bo Lee is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with film, video, collage, found objects, drawings and paintings. He studied at Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, New York and has exhibited in numerous shows and cities including Scope in Basel, Switzerland, as well as receiving a retrospective at PopMinuto in Prato, Italy as well as galleries in Helsinki, Bucharest, Seoul, New York, Poland, Germany and the U.K. He’s worked out of New York City, Philadelphia, Seoul, South Korea and currently resides in Princeton, New Jersey.

Bo Lee creates films, videos and mixed media work that centers around the cyclical nature of our reality and the struggles within our social and individual consciousness. Often implementing rapid cuts and visual exhausting use of single frames, his work replicates the perceived sub-conscious and the bombardment of thoughts, ideas and emotions.
His mixed media work, his videos are often composited together from an array of sources; found footage, graphic treatments, images and personally shot video which reflects the multitude of inspirations his work and techniques derive from.
The artist’s work, oftentimes layered with multiple meanings, digs at the perception of taking things at face value and aggressively addresses the discontent of these social malfunctions.