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Julian Kyle

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Julian Kyle is a Brooklyn-based artist. While Julian's work typically comes in the form of mixed-media painting on found wood, he also expresses his artistic abilities through screen-printing and glass etching. Julian attributes much of his influence to his alma mater, Texas Southern University. Here it was instilled in him that artists need to be making art that does more than serve as gratuitous decorative art. Artists need to be telling something, they need to be saying something. The purpose of Julian's art is to take control of the narrative of Afrikan-American people, a narrative that has historically been controlled by people of European descent. Julian's artwork takes a critical view of American social, political, and cultural issues. In his work, he deconstructs the Afrikan-American experience by enlarging or shrinking historical images with the intention of informing, recording, and beautifying the experiences of his people – his ancestors and those within the Afrikan diaspora.