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Mark Anthony Ramirez

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Mark Anthony Ramirez is a 21 year veteran of the New York comedy scene with appearances on Howard Stern, Comedy Central, ABC, Food Network and other major networks. A frequent guest on Sirius XM Radio and a known creative force.

Born and raised in NYC with a multi racial heritage( Latino, Black, Asian, White, and others)

A stand up comedian, actor, writer, producer, photographer and director with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry known for his wit, leadership, multiple skill sets, and creative problem solving abilities.

Since 2016 when he co-created 0FG Productions LLC too further his creative goals to self produce many projects featuring and representing a more diverse group of people.

The struggle of owning a small production company in NYC is a huge challenge he and his partner and future wife Krystal welcome as they're currently developing their own projects while providing support to other production companies in video, film, and still photography