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Agnieszka Barbara Nowinska

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Agnieszka Nowinska, also known as Agni, was born in Poland.
She graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Warsaw in set design, scenography, and fine art. In the years 2002-2005 Nowinska acquired a scholarship and, subsequently, a Ph.D in Tibetan Art at the faculty of Fine Arts at Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain. International in scope, she creates fine art, giclee on canvas, graphic design, set design and clothing design.

Her artwork spans two distinct worlds. One of them manifested when Agni moved to Miami. Time spent there had been an exploration of pure color expressed by self-invented technique called blooming breath. Using her breath, the artist spreads the particles of ink and paint across the plain landscape of white and molds those tiny lagoons of water into stalactite shapes that blend and dilute the explosions of paint. Some become minimalist stains, that comment more on the whiteness of the paper, and the others completely consume the white background only to leave a tantric tapestry that invokes the likeness of submarine seascapes.

The other style was inspired by the explosion of light that Nowinska experienced in the Andalusian coast of Spain. There, she began using bright and striking colors in a method that combines her paintings and drawings with photographs, woodcuts, etchings and special effects; she calls it digital engravings. Her artwork gives the spectator a chance of developing their personal story based on their subjective impressions. Thus, it summons a surreal world, which incites a revolt in logic and transports the beholder to some other dimensions. Those are visions of parallel universes, albeit quite fantastic, and comment on the cycles of life and death in a symbolic language full of modern day archetypes. The artist communicates in a style that is both classic and synchronistic; its patterns, yoked in a rhythm and movement, leave no gratuitous lines.

Nowinska participated in many individual and group art exhibitions across
France (Paris, Louvre)
Poland (Kraków, Warsaw, Bielsko-Biała, Wroclaw)
USA (New York, California, Miami, Lafayette, Arkansas, Hudson)
Spain (Madrid, Nerja, Malaga, Valencia, Marbella)
Colombia (Bogota, Medelin) and Italy (Rieti)

She is a winner of the following:
2017 - Grant for The Department of Culture and Arts of the Municipal Office in Poland.
2011/2012 - Grant for Exhibition Fordistas 7 & 8, Miami, US.
2006 - Scholarship granted by the Headquarters of Bancaja, Madrid, Spain.
2005 - Scholarship granted by the Headquarters of Cultural and Scientific Relations, (AECI) Madrid.
2001 - Fellowship granted by the Faculty of the Set Design Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts, partaking in the restoration of the interiors of a Private Palace, Saint Denis, France.

Agni’s paintings can be found in numerous collections in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Norway and Poland.