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Byungjin Kim

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ByungJin Kim is a famed Korean sculptor. He made an attempt to define the meaning of sculpture by regarding a piece of sculpture as a fundamental element of drawing. He combines each unit and constructs a certain shape based on linear iron and cropped steel wires. The combination of the basic steel units conveyed certain shapes on its transparent, yet sturdy inside. The 'Double Layers' series represents 'Drawings onto Space' reflecting on a fundamental figure in art. Composed of solid shapes and images of fractures, his sculptures have shown interests in society with a critical viewpoint. The fluctuating shadow from an external light signifies an infinite relationship, permeating into existing objects. The selected word "LOVE" means the basis of a universal language connected to his artwork with an audience or the public. Furthermore, Kim is delicately reflecting upon ‘LOVE’ containing a message of self-confession onto his metal canvas reminiscent of oriental paintings.