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Ariel Natasha Miles

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Hello! My name is Ariel. I am a licensed creative arts therapist and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Since childhood, I have been involved in all creative art media. There were opportunities where I performed spoken word poetry with Urban Word NYC. That introduced me to performing on stages such as those at the Apollo Theater and San Francisco Opera House. I have painted with Pratt Insititute in Venice, Italy and exhibited artwork at Pratt Institute following that. I was a chorus singer and did some traveling performance with the Music with a Message youth band. Closer to what I do now, I even did theatre of the oppressed work and PAR research with the Girls for Gender Equity organization. Most recently, I've been trusted to develop an Expressive Arts (mental health and wellness) program from residents of East New York, Brooklyn which, soon after it's initial run, expanding to the greater New York area. I'm filled with gratitude to be doing the work of my dreams in the service of others.