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krysti keener

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rysti Keener is a Brooklyn-based artist. Her work is motivated by preservation, tending and honoring the aging process of abandoned objects, detritus, the remains of naturally occurring objects, our plants, trees, at times animal carcasses, and the forces of nature on them, our land and bodies of water. She has a multi-disciplinary practice defined by her need for balance reflecting the conflict of our natural environment and the human impact on our earth. Keener works in both the impermanent form of the land, and uses assemblage as a form of tactile remembrance, often integrating photography as way to honor the impermanence of the materials.

She is influenced by the physicality of exploration, driven by repetition. Part of that process is documenting the transitions and the process of decay. The use of open land rejects the confines of a gallery, intrinsically surfacing awareness of environmental issues.

Krysti’s ideas are rooted in challenging the archetype of commercial beauty, harnessing the conflict of philosophical anthropology, and through that, creating solace. The assemblage conveys a reality in stark contrast to the truth of the manifestation of the materials. Simultaneously, her concepts all honor, the land, bodies of water, the decay and detritus, compelled to believe that in them lies remembrance asking the viewer to meditate on their disregard for the environment as a call to action.

Keener has in the fashion and apparel industry. It was there she became heavily influenced by color, print, pattern and graphic design. Keener has a dual MBA from Columbia University and University of California, Berkeley.