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Danette Ann Landry

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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Danette Landry was a longtime resident of California before moving to Paris to pursue studies in cultural anthropology. After receiving a master’s degree and completing her thesis at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales in Paris, Landry decided to devote herself to a life of art. This turning point manifested as a profound and splintering journey; reigniting a creative process that was instilled at a young age by her mother, a self-taught painter.

Landry calls for a constant reconstruction and materialization of one’s self. This force is represented in her bronze monoliths. Landry identifies each monolith with a gender, and individually they carry a variety of wounds analogous to those found in humanity. The feminine monoliths depict resilience and strength through a complex stacking of very small geometric plates. The masculine monoliths portray a physical and emotional weight bearing a similarity to geological elements with smooth eroded lines and rock-like features. Altogether, the patinaed bronze sculptures exude a driving force to survive anything that Landry expresses; representing her individual will to resist and reconstruct life’s trials and hardship.