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Zara Fina Stasi

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Zara Fina Stasi is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. You can find her painting nature, patterns, feelings, people, colors, and organic shapes across canvas, paper, found furniture, cardboard, buildings, and walls. She prefers working at scale, where her energetic, colorful work can impact the most amount of people and add positivity to their day.

She founded Good for the Bees, a creative studio focused on using art to help others thrive.

With 6+ years of experience using art in global business settings to help facilitate c-suite executives through challenges, she understands the power of strategic visuals to provide clarity, promote understanding, and reach alignment. Zara created her own role at a 286,200 person company, becoming the first ever national artist, leading and training on how to use visuals strategically to facilitate conversations and solve problems.

She left to build Good for the Bees, a company focused on using her specific skill set to help others thrive through better communication, comprehension, and environments. Oh, and more joy.


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