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Michael Bruce Zolnowski

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On a constant journey to explore the forms of nature and what unites everything Michael Zolnowski is currently playing with concepts of humanity and how far manmade forms can be pushed into abstraction. He uses dry pastels with bold color choices to create ambiguous lines and distorted, whimsical shapes. Determining where objects in a piece end or begin is difficult, if at all possible. The inability to know the exact shape he intended, viewers are given the ability to draw the finite line wherever they chose. This freedom that is created allows his work to constantly seem in motion— as the viewers’ emotions change so too does the piece in front of them. Opposing concepts like sureness of shape and ambiguous lines, light and dark, new and old seem to mimmic each other— pieces can look, at once, like something that was drawn in the 1930’s and something that will be drawn in the 2030’s.