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Sandra Giunta

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Sandra Giunta is a Brooklyn-based self-taught clay sculptor. After a previous career as a Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, which is seemingly worlds away from the creative endeavors of an artist, she started working in clay. The combination of thought processes and techniques from both worlds, including natural mathematical patterns and endless details, laid the foundations for her art. It is the attention to these hand carved details and patterns that identify Sandra’s work.

Sandra initially focused on figurative sculpting, but while living in Belize, an interest in coral reefs and the impact of global warming led to sculpting corals. A natural progression was to combine figurative work with corals, morphing into her Coralized Series. Natural forms, forces, and textural detailed patterns are an integral part of her art.

Bringing the underwater world above the surface to keep it visible and increase awareness of its precarious balance is a major goal. The possibility that these incredible natural structures and life forms could be destroyed by a 2° rise in ocean temperatures is our reality and we’re losing time for intervention.