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Patricia Kalidonis

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I paint using abstracted, layered imagery as a way to express my lived experience as a woman on the Autism Spectrum. Heightened sensitivity to sensory input creates a cacophonous world. And while many others think in some form of language-based monologue, my thoughts are instead a continuous stream of images. Overlapping, colorful images in my work attempt to imitate my thought processes and sensorial experiences.

I am keen to examine subjects such as social connectedness, family bonds, isolation, and solitude from an autistic perspective, but with the hopes that it speaks to many.

I am currently based in Brooklyn, NY. In the past, I have lived in Bakersfield (CA), Sacramento, Schaumburg (IL), the Bay Area, Toronto, Albuquerque, Chicago, and Portland (OR); I think of myself as simultaneously from all of these places, and from no place at all. I attended OCAD University in Toronto from 2008 to 2009 and earned my BFA from Portland State University in 2019. I have shown in exhibitions in Portland, Chicago and St. Louis.

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