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Ella Yang

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Based in Brooklyn, as a representational painter I usually look for subjects in my backyard. I am a mostly self-taught artist using oil paints and sometimes watercolor. I enjoy painting "en plein air" (on-site) when the weather permits. I select scenes to paint, whether it is a gritty industrial street next to the Gowanus Canal or a sidewalk in Carroll Gardens with its mom-and-pop shops, asking myself: Are the colors and light juicy, begging to be captured in paint... Is there a unique building or landmark that creates a focal point? I find the sun’s effect enthralling as its rays are absorbed and reflected by brownstone and glass buildings, the atmosphere, trees, water, and bridges, creating glimmers of beauty. My goal is to find a simple way to capture the spirit of a scene at a particular instance. Inevitably the paintings become infused with my own wonder and delight at having discovered something – a pattern, a gesture, an angle of light – that is inherently pleasing. At best my paintings pay tribute to the abundant benefits of attentiveness.


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