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Benjamin A Ferguson

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"every form and zone of color is seized in its characteristic emotional force, and these are the paths by which finite things become infinity.."

My work is about exploring the subconscious through the emotional and fluid components of expressionist painting. Quick marks become figures, objects, and landscapes which flicker and move through the layering of color and image, dry brushstokes across washes, and angular relationships. The canvas becomes a portal of surprising and suspenceful incidents as the subject matter reveals itself playfully, mischeviously, and sometimes calligraphically.

The paintings provoke an aftertaste of partially remembered dreams. Produced through subconscious activity, the inhabitants make their way across the canvas. Possibly they were already there, waiting to be liberated by the mixing of color and layering of paint.

I grew up in the South, received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia, and completed courses in Interactive Media and Digital Design at Pratt in New York City. But I never grow numb to the incessant shock of realizing that a life beyond me exists below the surface of my canvasses and within the images in the paintings I produce.

Having exhibited in the South and the Northwest, I now live in Brooklyn and continue to enjoy the brush on stretched canvas and how that produces a world which seems to have pre-existed. The special wildlife which populates this world roams freely through the porous walls of my subconscious and into the strange order of my painting, music, and video.