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Marcia Bricker Halperin

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I have been photographing in a documentary style since the 1970's. After having received an M.F.A. in photography from Brooklyn College I worked as a freelance photographer and instructor. I studied with Lisette Model at the New School and Walter Rosenblum at Brooklyn College. From 1978-1980 I was a member of the documentary team of the CETA Artist's Project under the Cultural Council Foundation. Working with a local housing organization I began my series on the gentrification of the Hell's Kitchen/Clinton area of Manhattan. Over the years I have pursued a study of cafeterias, documenting the demise of this American institution in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami and most especially focusing on the Dubrow's cafeterias of New York City. Another ongoing project has been an essay on the celebratory days of Chol Hamoed which occur during the Succoth and Passover holidays when Hassidim engage in recreational activities, at Coney Island in particular. Recently I have been engaging in documentary film-making, combining my vintage photographs and video footage to tell unique stories.