Artist Talk: Caleb Smith

November 6, 2008

Image courtesy of Caleb Smith

On Thursday, November 6 at 6pm, guest artist Caleb Smith gives a talk in conjunction with the exhibition Creative Cartographies, curated by Jeanne Gerrity, now on-view in BAC Gallery. Over the span of two years, Caleb Smith walked every street on the island of Manhattan. In May 2002, Caleb bought a map of Manhattan and began systematically marking off each street with a black marker, taking notes and photographs along the way. Eventually, he had traversed the entire borough, totaling over 700 miles. Walking all the streets of Manhattan gave Caleb a unique perspective and insight into neighborhoods infrequently trafficked by tourists. In his talk, he will tell anecdotes about certain neighborhoods, historical sites, and seemingly mundane details. The talk will be illustrated with a slide show of photographs from his walks, and the original map will be on view. Caleb will also introduce his most recent project, which is based on a grid plan for the city devised by the surveyor John Randall in the early 19th century.

Caleb Smith received his BFA from the University of New Mexico and is currently pursuing his MA in American Studies at Columbia University. He has received press related to his walk in The New Yorker, the Daily News, WGBH, Time Out, and Newsday, among other publications.