Our professional teaching artists provide K-12 students, teachers, parents, seniors, and community members with hands-on, sequential arts classes in a full range of arts disciplines, including dance, digital media, theater, music, visual, and literary arts. Through our residencies, BAC provides and promotes quality arts education programs that:

 - Foster creativity and imagination
 - Expand verbal and non-verbal communication skills
 - Enhance capacities for critical thinking and problem-solving skills
 - Fortify social-emotional skills

All residencies support the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Common Core State Standards, providing students with the opportunity to develop 21st Century skills such as listening, paying focused attention, watching for non-verbal cues, analyzing, and asking relevant questions.

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Our Arts in Education staff will collaborate with you to develop a customized program that addresses your artistic, academic, and social learning goals while keeping in mind your available resources. For more information, contact Arts in Education Director Philip A. Alexander at or 718-625-0080 x234.


Dance offers students the opportunity to refine their coordination, focus, poise, and creativity. At the same time, students improve their physical fitness, learn dedication, and gain discipline and self-esteem.


Music instruction builds an array of skills. It not only hones listening and mathematical skills, but provides essential insight into the genre’s cultural relevance and students’ understanding of working as an ensemble.

Digital Media

Digital media residencies integrate art and technology, enhancing students’ 21st century skills. Participants develop their ability to depict ideas, communicate, and collaborate in a variety of mediums.

Visual Arts

With so many media and modalities to explore, the visual arts present almost limitless opportunities to expand critical thinking, spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and creativity.

Literary Arts

Ignite a passion for the written, creative word through any one of a large array of literary art forms. This discipline offers a multitude of possibilities and is particularly effective at stimulating enthusiasm for English Language Arts (ELA)and engaging English Language Learners (ELLs).


Theatrical expression improves students’ self-control, presentation and language skills, as well as understanding of ensemble work and spatial awareness. It also allows students to explore self-expression in a safe environment.