2018 Panelists

Community Arts Grants

BAC panelists are experienced cultural professionals with a commitment to the development of the arts and culture in Brooklyn. Knowledge of Brooklyn communities, and expertise in an artistic discipline, arts administration, or community arts programming are key. 

BAC strives to create a fair and impartial panel environment that is representative of the diversity of the borough, and therefore seeks to craft panels that are diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender, age, culture, geographic representation, and artistic focus. 

For more information on becoming a BAC Panelist, click here.


Xavier Acarin
Shruti Adhar
OlaRonke Akinmowo
Bani Amor
Kelly Anderson
Ray Archie
Jennifer Armas
Erika Atkins
Elise Bernhardt
Courtney N.  Brown
Victoria Capote
Michelle Carollo
Katherine M. Carter
Juan Castaño
Patrick Castillo
Sergio Castillo
Marina Chao
Cynthia Chatman
Irina Chelidze
Cecile Chong
Lucy Dhegrae
Luba Drozd
Maira Duarte
Rose October-Edun
Ariel Estrada
Kristen Fitzpatrick
Eliza French
Boo Froebel
Sanaz Ghajar
Cleo Gray
Catherine Green
Stacy  Grossfield
Chelsea Guerdat
Trevor Gureckis
Audrey Hailes
Kristen Holfeuer
Leili Huzaibah
Jordan Michael Iannucci
Jax Jackson
Nandi Jacob
Rasu Jilani
Isabel Kim
Adrianne Koteen
Layman Lee
Eugenia Leigh
Maureen Loughran
Karen Mainenti
Alexis Mena
Eve Moros-Ortega
Christie Neptune
Aaron Paige
Judith Pineiro
Angeli Rasbury
Andrew Rebatta
Thomas Rotenberg
Stefani Saintonge
Eva Salina
April Silver
Renee Smith
Claudia Sohrens
joshua gen solondz
Ivan Talijancic
Cheryl Thomas
Shay Wafer
Robyne Walker-Murphy
Vivian Warfield