Brooklyn’s evolving folklife is documented and preserved in BAC’s folk arts archive, online and by appointment at BAC. Traditional, ethnic, and diaspora arts express and preserve cultural custom, history, memory and identity.

Physical Archive

Our physical folk arts archive (1988-present) is located in BAC’s office. Make an appointment with Folk Arts Director Christoper Mulé to visit and explore the archive. Highlights include rare audio recordings, transparencies and analog video documenting early folk arts projects (1988-2003), Williamsburg Bridge 100th Anniversary materials, and September 11 Memorial Project materials including photographs, films, poems and songs; and extensive documentation of traditional dance in Brooklyn (1988-2012).

Spotlight from the Physical: Black Brooklyn Renaissance

The Black Brooklyn Renaissance Digital Archive (73 CDs/DVDs) documents over 30 concerts, performances, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, workshops and other public programs that brought to light and celebrated how Black artists have contributed to the Brooklyn's significance as a center of Black culture in New York since 1960. An accompanying oral history project recorded interviews with over 80 Brooklyn artists, community leaders and other people who have played influential roles in Brooklyn’s African-Diasporic cultural community over the last 50 years.

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Online Folk Arts Archive

The online folk arts archive (2003 – present) provides a record of BAC’s past projects, including video clips, photos, artist bios, event calendars, and program PDFs. Included: Williamsburg Bridge 100, Folk Feet, Brooklyn Maqam, Days of the Dead in Brooklyn, Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn, Black Brooklyn Renaissance, Half the Sky Festival.

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