Fiscal Sponsorship

Are you an individual artist looking for a way to accept tax-deductible donations for your project? Are you part of a new nonprofit cultural organization waiting for your 501(c)(3) to come through but want to get started fundraising? BAC Arts+ Innovation Incubator is designed to support and incubate new and emerging projects and ideas.

What is Arts+ Innovation Incubator Program

The Arts+ Innovation Incubator is a fiscal sponsorship program that allows individuals and emerging organizations without 501(c)(3) status to raise funds for nonprofit activities through tax-deductible, charitable contributions from individuals as well as foundations, corporations, and government agencies. Activities are considered nonprofit in nature when they are undertaken for the greater good of the public and community, rather than for the financial benefit of individuals or shareholders. 

Please note, fiscal sponsorship is NOT a grant program. It is a tool for you to use as part of your own fundraising efforts. So you still have to go out and find the money; fiscal sponsorship just allows you to offer donors a way to contribute that is tax-deductible.  

Learn more about the fiscal sponsorship field.

What does BAC Arts+ Innovation Incubator provide members?


  • Accept tax-deductible contributions on your behalf from foundations, corporations, government agencies and individuals.
  • Accept credit card contributions through our website (additional fees may apply).
  • Offer advice and coaching on project management and development, including fundraising guidance through reviews of your fundraising plans, appeals and proposals.
  • Help promote your project through our website, E-newsletter and social media.
  • Host special networking and professional development workshops for sponsees.
  • Help connect you to the many other services BAC offers.

Who Can Apply for Arts+ Innovation Incubator?

The Arts+ Innovation Incubator is designed to support individuals and emerging organizations with arts and culture projects with strong artistic merit.

  • Artistic projects (in any discipline) that are undertaken by Brooklyn-based individual artists or collectives; projects can take place in Brooklyn or elsewhere
  • Artistic projects that are undertaken by individual artists or collectives who are not Brooklyn-based, but take place in Brooklyn or benefit Brooklyn residents
  • Activities of Brooklyn-based cultural organizations that are in the process of incorporating as nonprofits
  • Specific cultural projects undertaken by for-profit organizations that are nonprofit in nature and demonstrate strong benefit to Brooklyn residents

Projects and emerging organizations must have a minimum budget of $5,000. Student projects are not eligible.

What does BAC charge for this service?

  • We keep 6% of all funds we accept on your behalf.
  • You will also cover any fees we incur related to your project, e.g., for credit card processing (currently an additional 4.5% + $.50 per transaction), bank fees for bounced checks, etc.

Why choose BAC Arts+ Innovation Incubator

There are a number of other fiscal sponsors. Here are some of the reasons people choose BAC:

  • We offer individual attention and personalized service. We work with a limited number of projects, so we get to know you and your needs. 
  • Friendly, accessible service: we put you in direct contact with our fiscal sponsorship team allowing you to get answers quickly.
  • We’re trustworthy and reliable. BAC has a 50 year track record of supporting Brooklyn artists and cultural groups. We have the capacity to manage the money you raise responsibly.
  • We offer helpful online fundraising tools, including your own online giving page, downloadable widgets to add to your own site, and options for setting up goals/progress bars, custom giving levels, social media tie-ins, and more.
  • Competitive pricing: we try to keep our fees low, since know that raising money is hard enough.


Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. Application deadlines are as follows: March 30th, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st. All applications will be reviewed within two weeks of each deadline by an internal panel of BAC staff members. Applicants will then be notified of the panel’s decision within two weeks of the panel review.

To apply for fiscal sponsorship, you will need to complete the online Fiscal Sponsorship Application Form (above, right) and submit it electronically.