Folk Arts Day

Brooklyn Folk Arts Day is an annual gathering of Brooklyn's traditional artists, traditional arts organizations and communities they serve, teaching artists and educators, funders, elected officials, and other friends of folk and traditional arts. Folk Arts Day intends to address issues in our folk and traditional arts networks throughout New York City. It is open to the general public. While the method and venues change from year to year, all programs are meant to be a dialogue.  At each program, we invite audience members to join in a discussion with artists and humanities scholars about traditional ideas, practices and arts approaches to managing the trauma of natural disasters.

8th Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2019

Traditional Transfer at Brighton Beach

Saturday, June 8th, 2019

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7th Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2018

Resisting a Culture of Exclusion

featuring Barbara Norales, Rose October Edun, Esraa Warda, Victor Sirelson, Marie "Lily" Cerat, and Shahid Khan. 

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6th Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2017

featuring Claire Goring, Barbara Norales, Luz A. Pereira L., and Victor Sirelson.

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5th Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2016

featuring interactive presentations of ritual practices from Guyana (Baba Mpho), Ghana (Harold Akyeampong), and India (Aeilushi Mistry).

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4th Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2015

featuring Robert Baron, Anna L. Wood, Don Fleming, and Nana Dr. Rokoto.

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3rd Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2014

featuring Johari Jenkins and Robert Baron. Also the official folk farewell to former Folk Arts Director, Dr. Kay Turner

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2nd Annual Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2013

Traditional Artists Responding to Hurricane Sandy

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Inaugural Brooklyn Folk Arts Day 2012

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