Foot Notes:

Folk Feet Meet Modern Feet

FOOT NOTES Photo: Michael Hart

Saturday, April 18th, 7 - 9pm
Chez Bushwick,
304 Boerum Street, Buzzer # 11

Join BAC at this second annual, FREE event, presented as part of the city-wide Immigrant Heritage Week, features Brooklyn-based traditional dancers from culturally-specific immigrant groups alongside contemporary dancers.

Foot Notes: Folk Feet Meet Modern Feet juxtaposes traditional and contemporary dance forms from a variety of genres and communities that make their home in Brooklyn, creating opportunity for dialogue and collaboration at Chez Bushwick, a hub for new dance creation and performance. 


Participating contemporary dance artists affiliated with Chez Bushwick include theatre-trained hip-hop choreographer and instructor Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly; Vestiges Dance Collective / Thania Acaron and Jessie Flores perform Close Enough to Hear You Breathe; award winning experimental performance artist, choreographer and curator, Barak de Soleil presents Ogou O soft eyes. Brooklyn Arts Council's Folk Feet component includes traditional dance forms that have marked Brooklyn's dance scene from the mid-1960s onwards, featuring dancers representing relatively recent immigrant waves, such as Mexican and Haitian, as well as Puerto Rican-influenced dance forms historic to Bushwick. The dancers features in Foot Notes are Benito Bravo, born in Pueba, Mexico and founder and director of Sunset Park-based dance company, Balet Folklorico Quetzalcoalt; Sherley St. Fort, Director of the Haitian dance group Les Zetwals, known for their repertoire of Folkloric and social Haitian dance; Ralph 'King Uprock' Casanova, Bushwick-bred, advocate and 'King' of Brooklyn's historic street dance, the Rock Dance aka Uprock, and president of The Dynasty Rockers.