Scene: Brooklyn
@ BAC Gallery

November 5, 2009

Shannon Brunette, One Day in Your Life, 2009, Super 8 / Digital Video (Excerpt/Still)

Film/Video Screening
BAC Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 218

In conjunction with Surfacing Beneath, an evolving, site-specific installation by Lisa Kellner, 3 media artists were invited to screen works that interpret the theme of artwork constantly in flux. The featured works articulate change and transformation found in nature and culture through video and performance. A Q & A with the artists will follow the screening.

The screening includes new media works by Erik Sanner, one of which will use Kellner's installation as its starting point. Sanner's new media installations are simultaneously filmic and painterly, creating moving paintings which look different every time you see them. Eliza Gagnon will screen her ongoing project Bank Bust. Gagnon's work explores the unstable and ever-developing financial and social landscape we find ourselves in and examines accompanying shifts in banking patterns, intimate apparel, and interior design. Shannon Brunette will be screening a portion of an on-going/ever-changing piece, One Day in Your Life, consisting of Super 8 and digital video footage. Remembrance and impermanence are two over arching themes in Brunette's work. By editing in a collage-like style, playing with the sense of chaos verses calm, she builds upon the ephemeral nature of our lives.


Shannon Brunette has lived and worked in Brooklyn, NY for over a decade. She received her Masters of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in 2006. Beyond her own video/film work she has produced several multimedia events featuring both performing, visual and media artists. Shannon Brunette's Website

Eliza Gagnon is a filmmaker and performer living and working in Brooklyn. Her recent work includes the videos Weather 1, Weather Two, Screen Test, and Untitled Home Project as well as an unfinished project about dust and Original Sin. In her previous life as an actor she worked with the Common/wealth Theater Collaborative, the Boston Theater for the Deaf, Big Onion, New Georges and En Garde Arts, performing in NYC, Boston, D.C. and the U.K. She is currently working on an MFA in Visual Arts at AIB/Lesley.

Erik Sanner has exhibited in a number of solo and collaborative exhibitions, as well as in several group shows in New York and Tokyo. He maintains a blog called Paintings That Move where he shares much of the creative process often hidden in the artist's studio. Sanner was recently awarded a Manhattan Community Arts Fund grant for his public art project "How to Enjoy Traffic Cones," which includes traffic cone viewing tours and collaborative artmaking.