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Shorts Slam

Scene: Brooklyn Film Series

A line-up of impressive and energetic narrative and animated shorts, including several New York Premieres. 




8 pm - 9:45 pm


Doors open at 7pm.

Curated by BAC Film Program Coordinator Nick Shimkin

Filmmakers will be in attendance for discussion and Q&A following the screening.


“Fly on Out”
(Robert Kolodny, 2013, 6min)

“Fly on Out” follows 11 year old Dayvon after he rescues a caged pigeon from two older boys on a Brooklyn rooftop. Being pursued by the boys, Dayvon must wind and weave his way through the vibrant and diverse streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, passing by classic NYC characters in an attempt to free the bird. The film was shot in a visually stunning slow motion of frame rates up to 1500fps on the world famous Phantom High Speed Camera.

“Seed Story”
(William D. Caballero, 2013, 12min)

A lone dandelion blossoms in an abandoned parking lot, negatively impacting the lives of a miniature society that becomes dependent upon it. This film, shot in macro perspective and featuring a cast of one-inch plastic figures and junk props, examines the effect that religion, capitalism, pollution and fascism have had on humanity throughout the ages.

“Sea Pig”
(Andrew Gilchrist, 2013, 11min)

A man's reoccurring sexual fantasies about a mermaid tear his world apart and reveal disturbing insights into the object of his desire.

(Colby Day, 2013, 7min)

When Lauren gets kicked out of her apartment by her ex-boyfriend, she rents a vacant storefront to live in and begins selling her things to pay the rent. An interesting customer discovers her secret and they try to figure out together what their next steps should be.

“A Wedding Day”
(Anthony Nicolau, 2013, 17min)

Ligia, a young Moldovan woman living in Brooklyn, is getting married to Patrick, her co-worker and only friend in the city. The wedding may allow Ligia to make a better life for herself and her family. This film takes a fresh look at immigration in Brooklyn.

“Your Mother is a FB”
(Lorenzo Del Bianco, 2013, 15min)

It’s a simple story, one of many. A night in Brooklyn. The story of Beaumont, a young man in love with his extravagant glasses and bike who gets angry at the people who don't respect him. Very angry.

(Tyler Rubenfeld, 2013, 27min)

Brian is an avid follower of the video blog of struggling actress Gina. When, by sheer chance, Gina moves in next door, he gains access to the life she leads offline, through faraway glances and overheard conversations. He becomes so invested in her life, both online and off, that the true nature of their relationship is put into question.

“Animal Rights”
(Inna Braude, 2013, 7min)

An animal rights activist returns from a riot at the local supermarket to find her Russian Grandma with a jar full of homemade chicken soup at her door.

“At the Same Moment”
(Ezra Wube, 2013, 3min)

A stop action animation using paint on a single surface canvas inspired by a day to day living experience.


“Fly on Out” (Robert Kolodny, 2013, 6min)

Writer/Director Robert Kolodny is the founder and Creative Director of the Brooklyn-based production company House of Nod. He is the recipient of an NBR Human Spirit Award, Best Director in the Short Film category from the First Glance Film Festival and a Goldent Reel from the Tiburon Film Festival. In 2013 he was awarded top prize in the AbelCine/Vision Research Miro High Speed Challenge. Kolodny’s life is dedicated to the craft of cinema and he possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of film history and technique. He holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts.

“Seed Story” (William D. Caballero, 2013, 12min)

William D. Caballero is a project-driven multi-faceted digital artist, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, animator, composer and violinist. A recipient of the prestigious Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship, Caballero was born in Coney Island, New York City, raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and returned to New York City for college, graduating with honors from Pratt Institute (BFA, Digital Arts) and NYU (MA, The Arts and Humanities in Education). 

As early as 2001, Caballero has created countless thought-provoking documentaries, artistic short films, music videos, and hybrid projects. In 2010, after years of development, he premiered his first autobiographical documentary feature, American Dreams Deferred at the New York International Latino Film Festival. The documentary, which focuses on the various social, economic, and health dilemmas facing his Puerto Rican-American family, was chosen to be the first recipient of the HBO-NALIP Documentary grant.  It premiered nationally on the debut season of America Reframed on the PBS World Channel in December 2012. Professionally, Caballero works as a Preditor (Producer/Editor) for BET Networks and freelances for a host of creative clients. 

“Sea Pig” (Andrew Gilchrist, 2013, 11min)

Andrew Gilchrist originally hails from Kansas City and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. As a writer, director, and performer in the New York avant-garde theater and performance world for many years now, Sea Pig is his first film. He tours as a performer with The Life and Death of Marina Abramović, featuring Willem Dafoe, conceived by Abramović and Robert Wilson, directed by Wilson, with music by Antony Hegarty. He also performed in Laurie Anderson's recent video installation, The Gray Rabbit, which was last seen at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary during January 2012. Recently, he produced and co-directed The Sundance Kid is Beautiful at the Martin E. Segal Center at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York. The Sundance Kid is a theatrical staging of the legendary Einstein on the Beach librettist and artist Christopher Knowles' early writings, performed by Knowles himself, which will tour internationally in 2013, beginning with a production at the Louvre Museum in Paris in November.

“Storefront” (Colby Day, 2013, 7min)

Colby Day is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and playwright with a degree in television from NYU. His short films have screened at the Soho International Film Festival, New York City International Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Oldenburg International Film Festival, and on the internet. He co-wrote the feature film I Don't Want to Kill Myself, which was named 1st Runner Up at The L Magazine's Northside Film Festival 2012. Colby has been twice-nominated for a Toobie Award for Best Original Video (2012 & 2013). He works as Artistic Development Manager for Pipeline Theatre Company. You can find him on twitter @colbyday 

“A Wedding Day” (Anthony Nicolau, 2013, 17min)

Anthony Nicolau is an award winning filmmaker originally from St. Louis. Upon graduating with his film degree he moved to NYC. He has worked for companies such as Turner Classic Films, Bravo, Radical Media and as a freelancer. In addition, he recently started his own production company Tracklight Productions, which has gone on to produce a multitude of different video projects. As a filmmaker he has directed music videos, commercials and is currently in post-productions on his second short film, which he wrote and directed, “Laundromat”

“Your Mother is a FB” (Lorenzo Del Bianco, 2013, 15min)

Lorenzo Del Bianco was born in Genoa, northern Italy. He went to Bologna University and lives and works in Milan. He has directed many commercials and Italian and European music videos. His first film experience is called "TVtto fumo (e niente arrosto)" (“All Talk and No Action”), a 16mm short film that was awarded at the MI-CINE 2010 Festival in Buenos Aires. Along with frequent collaborator Davide Baldi (co-writer of the film) he set up DUDE, a creative agency and production company.

“Vlogger” (Tyler Rubenfeld, 2013, 27min)

Tyler Rubenfeld is a Michigan-born, Brooklyn-based filmmaker. He is also a writer, visual artist, editor-for-hire, and member of the sketch comedy collective Fake Blood Looks Like Blood. “Vlogger” is his fourth short film. His feature, "Wake Me When I Leave," begins shooting in November.

“Animal Rights” (Inna Braude, 2013, 7min)

Director, Editor, Producer, Writer Inna Braude moved from Ukraine to New York to pursue her passion of filmmaking. A graduate of New York Film Academy, she has been involved in production of over thirty feature films in roles ranging from Assistant Director to Producer. She has directed several short films of her own, including the award-winning "My First Story" (Cosmic Zoom Film Festival, Denmark), and her most recent effort "Three Prayers for June" starring Nedra McClyde, which has screened at numerous festivals around the US. Her other recent credits include Associate Producer for "Saturday Night Live Anthology" (NBC) and Producer for the independent feature "Foreign Letters". 

"At the Same Moment" (Ezra Wube, 2013, 3min)

Ezra Wube (b. 1980, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Ezra moved to the United States at the age of 18 and received his BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, and an MFA from Hunter College, New York, NY. His works encompassing video, installations, drawing, painting and performance.


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