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From the Floodlines

Scene: Brooklyn Film Series

On the one year anniversary of Sandy’s destruction, Scene: Brooklyn presents a slate of riveting documentaries capturing the storm’s impact, aftermath, and community response to its devastation, as well as films about climate change and waterfront development in Brooklyn.




8 pm - 9:40 pm


Doors open at 7pm.

Curated by BAC Film Program Coordinator Nick Shimkin

Filmmakers will be in attendance for discussion and Q&A following the screening.


“Tyquan’s Hook: A True Storm Story”
(Tyquan Carter, 2013, 10min)

A young rapper in Red Hook witnesses the devastation and lasting impact of Sandy firsthand, and interviews his neighbors and documents relief efforts as the neighborhood struggles to bounce back. 

“Anchor Me Here”
(Laura J. Egan, 2013, 6min)

Metaphysical in its narrative, an abstract short film meditating on the long-term effects of Hurricane Sandy from the community perspective. A nuanced and diffracted film narrative based on the evolution of recovery as seen through the eyes of first responders, fishermen, leaders of faith and families.

“The Storm”
(Charles Denson, 2013, 20min)

“The Storm” documents Hurricane Sandy as it strikes Coney Island and Sea Gate. It is a rare documentation showing the community's preparation, the actual storm surge coming ashore, and the storm's after effect on the community. Filmed by Charles Denson, Director of the Coney Island History Project, who lost his apartment, car and exhibit center to the storm. Denson's film begins with footage of Hurricane Donna striking Coney Island shot by his mother in 1960. Denson chose not to evacuate and remained in a beachfront as nearly every house around him was destroyed. The film shows the record-breaking 25-foot surge waves destroying the sea wall and houses on a block that was the hardest hit part of Coney Island.

“Occupy Sandy”
(Josh Fox, 2012, 24min)

A short documentary following the Occupy movement’s volunteer efforts to assist the most hard-hit New Yorkers in the wake of Sandy that draws attention to the climate implications of increasingly severe storms.

“At the Corner of 3rd and 3rd”
(Max Kutner, 2013, 21min)

“At the Corner of 3rd and 3rd” presents the first comprehensive look at the mysterious New York and Long Island Coignet Stone Company Building, a landmark in Gowanus, which has been largely abandoned since the 1960s. When Whole Foods breaks ground on a market just a few feet away from the building, the community looks to the future while fighting to preserve the past. This film shows the building and adjacent site before and after the flooding caused by Sandy.

“The Rider and the Storm”
(David Darg and Bryn Mooser, 2013, 15min)

Surfer, New Yorker and Freedom Tower ironworker, Timmy Brennan lost everything in the Breezy Point fires during Hurricane Sandy. Through the kindness of strangers, he is given a new board and finds hope riding the same ocean that shattered his community. 

“Eternal Storm”
(Jamie Stuart, 2012, 4min)

"Eternal Storm" was shot on location in Far Rockaway, Staten Island, Coney Island and Astoria about a week after Hurricane Sandy. The intent was simply to create something beautiful out of something disastrous.

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