Apply for Sponsorship

Before applying for BAC Fiscal Sponsorhip, please read through the responsibilities of sponsees, eligibility as well as the general process below.

Who can apply for BAC Fiscal Sponsorship?

BAC offers fiscal sponsorship to individuals and emerging organizations for cultural projects with strong artistic merit and a Brooklyn connection, such as:

  • Artistic projects (in any discipline) that are undertaken by Brooklyn-based individual artists or collectives; projects can take place in Brooklyn or elsewhere
  • Artistic projects that are undertaken by individual artists or collectives who are not Brooklyn-based, but take place in Brooklyn or benefit Brooklyn residents
  • Activities of Brooklyn-based cultural organizations that are in the process of incorporating as nonprofits
  • Specific cultural projects undertaken by for-profit organizations that are nonprofit in nature and demonstrate strong benefit to Brooklyn residents

Projects and emerging organizations must have a minimum budget of $5,000. Student projects are not eligible.

What are Sponsees responsible for?

In addition to finding your own donors, you must follow certain procedures when soliciting funds from potential donors—including allowing us to approve all appeals and grant proposals in advance—requesting fund disbursements, and fulfilling grant obligations. 

You also must keep accurate records of your expenses and bills paid, and track funds raised and payments made against your accepted project budget. We require periodic narrative and financial reports on your sponsored projects. 

You are also responsible for filing related tax returns, complying with federal regulations such as employment taxes, and acquiring any necessary insurance, legal or fiscal assistance for your projects. 

Failure to comply with these rules can lead to contract termination. 

How does BAC Fiscal Sponsorship work?

If your project is accepted, we will sign a fiscal sponsorship contract with you. (For reference, take a look at our standard contract). Contracts are generally valid for one year, after which they can be renewed.                    

When a donation arrives for your project, in most cases, we:

  • Let you know a donation has arrived;
  • Process the payment;
  • Send the donor an acknowledgement (for contributions of $250 or more);
  • Send you a copy of the acknowledgement, if applicable;
  • Deduct our fee from the contribution; and finally,
  • Send you a check for the balance of the contribution so you can pay your project expenses. (You pay your own bills).


Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. Application deadlines are as follows: March 30th, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st. All applications will be reviewed within two weeks of each deadline by an internal panel of BAC staff members. Applicants will then be notified of the panel’s decision within two weeks of the panel review.

Application Review Criteria

The review panel will assess applications based on:

  • Feasibility of project/organization description, budget, and fundraising plan
  • Artistic merit
  • Demonstrated benefit to the Brooklyn community (including a public benefit component)
  • Ability for capacity building

To apply for fiscal sponsorship, you will need to complete the online Fiscal Sponsorship Application Form (above, right) and submit it electronically.

As part of the online application process, Brooklyn-based applicants will be required to join BAC’s Registry of Brooklyn Artists or Directory of Arts Organizations. In addition to providing free, online promotional support, these databases support our advocacy efforts, and allow us to provide you with information on funding opportunities, calls for entry, and a variety of programs and services. All applicants will be able to designate the specific categories of information they’d like to receive from BAC.