Jad Lebbos

Jad Lebbos. Photo: by Dale Langden.

Lebbos comes from Beirut, Lebanon and learned debkah ? the celebrated social line dance of the Levant- in the rural areas where it has been danced into the earth for generations. Lebbos? debkah practice is inspired by the stunning footwork prowess of his grandfather, whom he visited on trips to the family village of Sara?een. In addition to honing his debkah technique at weddings and other celebrations, Lebbos has studied percussion, both derbekki and tabl, the large two-faced drum used in traditional Lebanese debkah, at Bab el Sharet conservatory in Beirut. Lebbos moved to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in 2003 and continued his debkah in diaspora with our Lady of Lebanon debkah troupe and as leader of Ft. Hamilton High School?s Arab culture and debkah group. You can admire Lebbos? hard-hitting traditional village spirit and innovative fancy-footwork as he leads debkah lines at Arab music clubs and hangouts in Brooklyn and Queens.