Alberto Gonzalez - Panamanian dances

Alberto Gonzalez and El Conjunto Nuevo Milenio in a performance of traditional Panamanian congo Photo: Dixie Sheridan

Alberto Gonzalez is director of the Brooklyn-based Panamanian dance ensemble Conjunto Nuevo Milenio. Born in Col�n, Panama, he started dancing at age five and later joined the Panamanian Ballet Folkl�rico. Currently, Alberto teaches Panamanian folk dance at the Holy Cross School in Brooklyn. His classes reflect the cultural and regional diversity of Panama, and may include dances such as congo, an Afro-Panamanian dance practiced in coastal areas, punto, a couple's dance rooted in the Spanish colonial heritage of the central province, and tamborito, a popular social dance. Alberto prides himself on his retention and knowledge of traditional Panamanian dress, which are little known outside of that country. Presentation of costume traditions such as the elaborate pollera de lujo, a meticulously hand-embroidered dress, traditional gold jewelry, and elaborate hair adornments can be included in workshops and are especially suitable for limited-movement and senior audiences. Conjunto Nuevo Milenio also participates in Arts in Education assemblies and programs and is available for performances with traditional Panamanian musical accompaniment. Registry / Contact Info