Tiny Love (Razvan Gorea) - Breaking and electric boogie

Tiny Love gets kids in a b-boy stance Photo: Kay Turner

Tiny Love (Razvan Gorea) and Guests Tiny Love is well-versed in several urban dance styles including waving, b-boying and uprock. He specializes in Electric Boogie, which features Popping, a technique developed in the 1970s that is still featured in today's hip-hop videos. Tiny grew up in Romania and learned b-boying and other hip-hop styles from imported videotapes. In 1990, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Tiny came to New York City, where he honed his skills with Brooklyn dancers. Tiny teaches Popping classes in public schools and to the public. He is a captivating solo performer. Other Brooklyn dance masters are available to join workshops or performances that incorporate urban traditions from Brooklyn and across the nation, and may include Ralph "King Uprock" Casanova (Brooklyn uprock), Break Easy (b-boying), and Shockalock (locking). Registry / Contact Info